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A storytelling and folklore podcast. Telling some of the famous and not so famous British and Irish myths, legends and folktales, in no particular order. Coming direct from South Yorkshire it is currently regularish, and will feature all of the above and whatever other miscellaneous snippets take my fancy. Presented by Graeme. Website at www.TalesofBritainandIreland.com

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39: Kelpies and the each-uisge

Wednesday May 04, 2022

Wednesday May 04, 2022

This episode features a number of accounts of encounters with the fearsome Scottish water-horse known alternately as the Each-Uisge and the Kelpie. The tales involve a kindly magical old woman, a not so kindly magical old woman, sticky situations, lust, and a lorra lorra lochs. For musical credits, sources and more Kelpie information visit the website: https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episode-39-kelpies-and-the-each-uisge/ #myth #mythology #folklore #legends

38: King Herla & the Wild Hunt

Thursday Apr 07, 2022

Thursday Apr 07, 2022

This episode is the second from the collection of Medieval chronicler of oddities, miscellanea, and forteana - Walter Map. Featuring two weddings, a suspicious contract, dust, a cute little goat man, the wild hunt (but not really) and a dog that just won't quit. One of the earliest of the many stories that has been classified as being about "The Wild Hunt". Musical credits and sources on the episode page: https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episode-38-king-herla-the-wild-hunt/ #myth #mythology #folklore #legends

Wednesday Mar 16, 2022

This episode we've a tale from the Isle of Man featuring a folkloric Kaiju, a super-powered Saint, unusual ordinance, a brave little tailor(but not that brave little tailor), a deal with god, and more nautical terms than you can shake a main brace at. For pictures, links and musical credits please see the website page at https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episode-37-the-buggane-of-st-trinians/ #myth #mythology #folklore #legends

36: The Dead Hand

Wednesday Feb 09, 2022

Wednesday Feb 09, 2022

This episode we've got a tale that draws strongly from Folk-horror, the strange world of the Lincolnshire Carrs (marshlands), a fairly unnecessary second person framing narrative and a lesson about the real power of a firm handshake. Sources and musical credits can be found on the Episode Page on the website: https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episode-36-the-dead-hand #myth #mythology #folklore #legends

35: Kate Crackernuts

Thursday Jan 20, 2022

Thursday Jan 20, 2022

This episode we have a delightful Fairy Tale. With fairies, castles, witches, princesses and princes, step mothers and ugly step sisters (alignments to be revealed), lots of things done in threes, and body horror that's positively Cronenbergesque. Musical credits, sources and more at: https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episode-35-kate-crackernuts/ #myth #mythology #folklore #legends #fairytales

Monday Aug 23, 2021

More tales from Manchester. Three stories with an emphasis on the post-mortem, with a light dusting of Boggarts and faeries to keep things interesting. Musical credits, sources and more at: https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episode-34-manchester-unite-dead/ #myth #mythology #folklore #legends #fairytales

Thursday May 27, 2021

Come with me to Cottonopolis where we’ve got two stories and an introduction. There’ll be more ill-advised ways to win a woman (see the last episode), and lots of mentions of a table that’s far bigger than I’d assumed. . Intro and incidental music by @alice-nicholls-music. Musical credits, sources and more at: https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episode-33-bizarre-botany-and-curious-collections-2/ #myth #mythology #folklore #legends #fairytales

Monday Apr 05, 2021

Walter Map’s charming little tale of a Princess, ambition, obsession, one of the most taboo acts known to humanity, an unlikely weapon from an unlikely source and, of course, shoes. Let me take you to Constantinople…. Musical credits, sources and more at: https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episode-32-the-shoemaker-of-constantinople/ #myth #mythology #folklore #legends

31: The Seeker Knight

Wednesday Jan 27, 2021

Wednesday Jan 27, 2021

A Knight! A Dark and Stormy night! A Castle! A quest! A hot headed wizard! A damsel! Northumberland! What more could you possible want? Musical credits, sources and more at: https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episode-31-the-seeker-knight/
#myths #folklore #legends

Thursday Dec 24, 2020

A short bonus episode about the lovable little Trows and their delightfully happy Christmas adventures! Proceed with caution. Musical credits, sources and more at: https://talesofbritainandireland.com/episodes-30-the-trows-christmas/ #myth #mythology #folklore #legends

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